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How-wherefore-what dost thou mean. said the monk, in astonishment. I speak to thee of Rose Flammock, and Jan Van-devil, or whatever you call him, and you reply with talk about cattle and castles, and I wot not what. So please you, holy father, I 91 fast track but speak in parables. This castle was the daughter I had promised to deliver over-the Welshman is Jan Vanwelt, and the gilders 91 fast track the cattle he has sent in, as a part-payment beforehand of my guerdon. Parables. said the monk, colouring with anger at the trick put on him; what has a boor like thee to do with parables?-But I forgive thee-I forgive thee. I am therefore to yield the castle to the Welshman, or restore him his cattle.
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